Black seed oil

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Black seed oil (aka black cumin seed oil, kalonji oil, or nigella sativa oil) is an amber-hued oil extracted from tiny black seeds of the flowering Nigella sativa plant that originated in Southwest Asia and has been used for centuries throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe to treat a wide range of conditions.

It is pretty much on par with oil of oregano and its potency on microbes and is extremely strong at fighting infections, both viral and bacterial!

I mix in some of my favourite essential oils and use it as an all over body massage oil or as an overnight anti-ageing face oil. It can also be diluted with a carrier oil (or added to shampoos) and applied to the scalp to soothe inflammation and reduce flakiness.

Black cumin seeds were even found in King Tut's tomb, and  were mentioned in the Old Testament as being able to cure anything but death!